acid thickener in bangladesh

Enhancing Toilet Cleaners with Acid Thickener

Acid Thickener is most used in preparing Liquid Toilet Cleaner based on hydrochloric Acid.

Toilet cleaning is an essential household chore, and the effectiveness of a cleaner heavily relies on its ability to cling to surfaces, penetrate grime, and effectively dissolve stains. Acidic toilet cleaners are known for their powerful cleaning properties, particularly in dealing with tough limescale, hard water stains, and mineral deposits. One crucial component that aids in maximizing their efficiency is an acid thickener.

Understanding Acid Thickener:

An acid thickener is an additive that enhances the viscosity of cleaning solutions, particularly those containing acidic substances like hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid. Its primary role is to convert a relatively thin liquid into a more viscous or gel-like consistency. This transformation enables the cleaner to adhere better to vertical surfaces, prolonging its contact time with stains and dirt, thereby enhancing its cleaning action.

Benefits of Acid Thickener in Toilet Cleaners:

Improved Adherence: The addition of an acid thickener ensures that the cleaner clings to the surfaces of the toilet bowl, allowing it to work more effectively on stubborn stains and grime, especially in hard-to-reach areas under the rim.

Extended Contact Time: The thicker consistency prevents the cleaner from quickly running down surfaces, enabling it to stay in contact with stains for a longer duration. This extended exposure enhances the cleaner’s ability to dissolve and remove tough deposits.

Better Cleaning Performance: By maintaining prolonged contact with the targeted areas, the acid thickener enhances the cleaner’s overall efficacy. It helps in breaking down mineral deposits, limescale, and rust stains, leaving the toilet bowl sparkling clean.

Ease of Application: The thicker formulation of the cleaner, facilitated by the acid thickener, makes it easier to apply without excessive dripping, resulting in a more controlled and efficient usage.

Versatile Usage: Acid thickeners can be incorporated into various types of toilet cleaning formulations, including gels, liquids, and foams, providing versatility in product offerings.

One of the key advantages of acid thickeners is their ability to improve the performance of cleaning solutions. In household applications, especially in toilet cleaners and bathroom disinfectants, the addition of acid thickeners ensures that the cleaning solution adheres to the surfaces more effectively. This improved adherence allows the cleaner to target stains, mineral deposits, and grime more efficiently, resulting in a cleaner and more sanitized surface.

acid thickener in Bangladesh


Product Name: Acid Thickener Matpers FP101
Appearance: Clear to Paste Liquid
Color: Brown
Amine Value: 146-165
pH(5% in aqu. soln.) : 9-12
Moisture: 1%Max
Packaging Size: 188/KG/HDPE Drum
Usage/Application: Toilet Cleaner
Physical State: Liquid

Origin: India

Application and Safety Considerations:

While acid thickeners significantly improve the performance of toilet cleaners, their use requires caution. Direct contact with the skin or inhalation of fumes from such cleaners can cause irritation and harm. Hence, manufacturers need to ensure proper safety measures and guidelines for handling and using these products.

Additionally, proper labeling indicating the presence of acid thickeners and usage instructions are crucial to ensure consumers employ these cleaners safely and effectively.


In the realm of toilet cleaning products, the inclusion of an acid thickener plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficacy and performance of acidic cleaners. By transforming them into more viscous solutions, these additives enable better adherence to surfaces, prolonged contact time, and improved cleaning action, ultimately resulting in a more efficient and satisfactory cleaning experience for users. However, it’s vital to handle these products with care and follow recommended safety guidelines for their usage.

Innovation in cleaning technologies continues to evolve, and the role of additives like acid thickeners remains integral in improving the efficiency of household cleaning products, making the task of maintaining hygiene more manageable and effective.


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