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We have a wide range of Personal & Home care materials which includes raw materials for Detergent, Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner, Shampoo, Hand Sanitizer, Floor Cleaner etc.


We have a wide range of Food Color Flavor, Essence & Additives materials which includes raw materials for Food Color, Flavor Essence, Additives, etc.


We have a wide range of Pharmaceutical Raw and Packaging materials which includes raw materials for Alu-alu Bottom Foil, PVC, PVDC, Tablet Container, Label etc.


We have a wide range of Total Anti-Counterfeit Solutions materials which includes raw materials for Hologram Stickers, Hologram Labels, Hologram Coupons, Hologram Tags etc.


We have a wide range of Paint Industries materials which includes raw materials for Butyl Stearate, Methyl Oleate, MPEG 1000, Phenoxyethanol (PE), Sorbian Sequa Oleate etc.


We have a wide range of Textile materials which includes raw materials for KLINOLE , DYEWET OL, DYEWET SR, ULTRASCOUR-100, PRIMANOLE-DTC,PEROSTAB-NSD etc.


We have a wide range of Feed Industries materials which includes raw materials for Antimicrobials, Enzymes, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Prebiotics, etc.

Customs Clearing & Forwarding Service

Besides the supply & Consultation about the Products, we have our own Govt. Approved Customs Clearing & Forwarding farm to help you for the customs clearance of your Materials.

Local Stock

As we are working also in local market That's why we have a wide range of Local Stock. There are lots of products in our local stock including Acid Thickener, Carbomer, etc.

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We always cares about our clients requirements and try to satisfy 100%. To get your desire product you have to get the clear about your products.

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We are importing different kinds of products since 2011 around the word and around 200 of our clients made their business flourish through ourselves.



what our founder says

Business is all about service. In this fast growing world, we need to invest our time in the right place. So, finding the right raw materials require time and resource. M/S Sonali Enterprise is doing this work for you for the last 12 years. We will help grow your business smoothly.

Sonali Enterprise

What do they say?

As we are working since 2011, though we have around 200 happy clients and
they always wishes best of us.

I was looking for a special bicycle to burn fat because there is too much need of those type of bicycle for health conscious people. Sonali Enterpricse help me to grow my business on this product.
Alamin Khan
Founder Of Tri-cyclist
As i was going to start my mills earlier of 2016 and i was need to import huge amount of PRINTSOFT-PSR and Sonali Enterprise team help me to solve my actual problem. Specially thanks to Selim Rana.
Sahidul Islam
Owner of Kalam Co.
In 2018 , I was starting to my own business of Pharmaceutical Raw & Packaging . With my starting mind i was facing some problem of Foil pricing for my stock in the mean time Sonali Enterprise help me to make out
Sayeed Anwar
Owner of Sarwa Co.

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